When my friend Neal gave me my first thai masssage session during our 4 day hike in Tongariro National Park (New Zealand), I immediately knew I had found the earthy, physical and playful bodywork approach I had been looking for. Today I teach and practice "Nuad Bo Rarn" round the world and am happy to contribute to the better knowing of that wonderful technique.

People interested in studying Thai Yoga Massage can start preparing themselves by getting closer to the ground: sit down with folded legs (like Japanese do) to read, have breakfast or meditate; go for a walk, stretch and revive your body, especially hips, knees, ankles and toes. Breathe!


In this 3-hour course, students are introduced to the practice of Thai Yoga Massage. Through demonstration and hands-on practice one learns a fundamental 20-minute form and gains first hand experience in both giving and receiving. This is an invaluable introduction for those wishing to learn more.


In this 12-hour course students will learn a full 1-hour massage sequence that incorporates all of the essential practices of Thai Yoga Massage. That includes compassion and awareness, body mechanics, rhythmic movement and touch techniques, effortless transitions between postures, the creation of a mutually beneficial experience between the giver and receiver, and the integration of loving kindness and meditation into the massage.


This "Level 1" 30-hour course gives people the chance to learn a complete 90/100-minute sequence. It can be taught in five full days (6 hours a day) or in two or three weekends. Through detailed demonstrations and guided practice, students are invited to use all the principles mentioned above but with more touch techniques, using hands, knees, feet, and elbows. There's also an introduction to ethics and to contraindications and safety care for the client and therapist before, during, and after the massage. This module can lead to certification and gives access to the advanced courses.

I just wish Yves continues teaching the way he is doing and that many people will be “open-minded” and mindful enough to take part of it! Thanks to Yves’ professional experience, as well as his experience and good taste of life, the quality of this workshop was just fabulous!


Advanced courses & Supervisions

Advanced courses, individual and group supervisions can be organised by request.

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Collective meditation and movement practice, drawing from Do-In sources (self-massage and stretching), Thai Yoga Massage and other body-based and breathing approaches. Practical work on internal stillness, awakening of energy flows and reconnecting with the blank page to remember that good feelings first come from within ourselves.

This morning practice is offered occasionally on the odd days of certain months... This is not considered as a course, rather as the sharing of a personal research I've been doing for years. Free of charge, donations welcome!

I got out from your place with an odd feeling of lightness and liveliness. I find your guidance extremely pleasant and your teaching approach really well designed. On several occasions I found myself in postures that I'd never have dreamed of taking... yet I managed to reach them in a smooth and natural way! I learned new stuff and liked it very much! Well done! Thanks for your initiative, I think you have the talent to share this kind of things... and thank you for doing it the way you do it.


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