Gypsy people sing: “My home is where I am"... I'd rather say "My home is who I am."
A few years ago I deliberately chose to afford the luxury of spending three years as a homeless. Layer after layer I sold or gave away heaps of objects and things, burned photo albums, old letters and traces of the past, eager for a better and deeper connection to the present moment.

This key period ended with a long distance walking journey, starting from the southernmost point of Andalucía and slowly walking back to Brussels, ending up at the menhir erected to the anonymous pilgrim by Galicians living in Belgium. 3000 kilometers that definitely helped me air out and wash away all the unnecessary weight, leaving me stronger, lighter, rejuvenated and probably more sensitive.

Today I still shift from settling to travelling phases, constantly seeking comfort, balance and an optimal circulation of the energy within and around me, wherever I am. "There all is order and beauty, luxury, peace, and pleasure..." What else can a Libran Snake do ?

“Home is not where you live, but where they understand you.”

(Christian Morgenstern)


The Form (or Landscape) School of Feng Shui, as opposed to the Compass School, takes as starting point the energy gate of a place (house, shop, office ...) to study in depth the flow of the vital energy in its different areas. The main tool used in my work is the Ba-Gua, a Chinese diagram that associates each area with a particular aspect of the life of its inhabitants, creating a mirror image of how they live in there. Through careful observation of the environment and its elements (dimensions, colors, materials, volumes, textures, space, light, sounds, objects ...), Feng Shui allows them to a better understanding of how they function, and hopefully identify some of their priorities.

The field analysis is followed by a detailed written report including suggestions to make simple changes in order to help dissolve a block, fill a gap or let a tension smoothly change its shape.

Allow three hours for the first meeting, which should take place on the premises at the request and with the agreement of its occupiers, if possible in their presence and with the help of a scale plan done by them if not by an architect. Intentions and needs can be clarified beforehand on the phone or by email. Feng Shui can affect the energy of a specific area or the entire house ... hence of your life, both being either side of the same coin!

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One of the most exciting rituals of my childhood, awaited with feverish impatience by my brothers and me when our Dad would come back from a long business trip, was the ceremonial opening of his suitcase, quickly followed by the delivery of mysterious treasures. Carved boomerang, chubby Buddha, fish-tailed goddess, tinkling golden chimes, columns of mysterious signs carefully handwritten on a Chinese engraving... These objects, always intriguing, often disappointing, have acquired over time a patina and a meaning that made them become precious companions.

Some friends like to tease me giving me names: "Free Electron", "Wandering Monk," "Patonton Thai" or "Patiperro"... As a child, I used to spend hours browsing through atlases and maps instead of watching tv... and I still do prefer road maps and city plans to small screens and video games. Nowadays, whenever I feel like knowing how the world goes, I book a flight to meet its people and ask them live.

Traveling is not expensive... it's just a matter of choice, of opening up and staying flexible. Among the greatest things that came across my way is the Couch Surfing community. This international network includes more than 4 million people on five continents, who volunteer as hosts and/or "surfers": travelers, pilgrims, nomads, tourists, families, businessmen, couples, or a blend of it all. Being part of this network is what I found best to stand up for my political opinions: yes I am taking the risk of welcoming a perfect stranger, no I'm not afraid of her robbing me at night, yes I offer him a tea, a meal or a walk around the block, no I don't systematically say yes to a request for accommodation, yes I give them a spare set of keys, yes I believe that a compassionate smile, a sign of trust and an open door can shatter mountains of evil intentions.

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