If I had to summarize my deeds and doings in a single word I’d say: Play. I am player. And at the same time, paradoxically, I hate gambling. The more futile and free the game seems, the more excited I get! Be it on stage or in dance studios, I do nothing but serving my soup, sweet, spicy, pungent or sour. Performing is but sharing a meal... Food for thought, for soul, for heart.

"One evening Yves took my words in his mouth, and the words became water, blue, with the sun inside."

(Xavier Deutsch)

Movement is life. In any case, that’s how mine feels and looks like. Moving. Since I left Liège's Royal Conservatoire (Drama School), I’ve been exploring the intersections and confluences between theater, movement, dance and play. Working (hard) with Wim Vandekeybus definitely allowed me to experience the joys, surprises, the aches and pains of learning on the job, rolling, stomping, falling, jumping, running... More than two years of rehearsals and tours with the international company Ultima Vez confirmed my taste for travel, communication, exchange and all kinds of trade. Two broken meniscus did also teach me how to set my own boundaries and respect myself. Since then, my life has been a constant shift between journeys round the world and times dedicated to art, researching, rehearsing or performing, especially with young companies, new teams (God knows why), and people from the dance, theater, circus and performance world. As a genuine “zinneke” I cherish the mixture of styles, genres and disciplines.

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"Professional diver, Yves rushes with a calm smile. "



In music, I am a seeker, an inventor, a listener, a transformer. Sort of a rhythmic rainbow. My guitar has been with me since I was 9 years old; it’s one of the sisters I do not have. Percussion came later, one summer, as I no longer could support the forced immobilization due to the plaster casting of my leg. I literally started to hit everything in my room. Hitting became drumming… till some weeks later I was offered to perform my first solo percussion in the once famous "Mondays" at Brussels' Théâtre de la Balsamine. Since then I’ve kept playing, for all kinds of events, often for dance workshops or classes, in Belgium and abroad.

My taste for language and words is also evident in the writing of songs. Rhythmic or melodic fragments come, that I develop, put in shape and share, in the privacy of an apartment, a garden, a bar, or at times on stage.

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