Yves is a total original. He constantly surprises me with his endlessly inventive warm-hearted curiosity and imagination, and he's in my A-list of bodyworkers, no question. I have had sessions from some great healers in loads of different styles and many countries over the years, and Yves is really one of my favourite people to work with.

Yves' massages are lyrical, fluid, gifts of connection with a higher source!

Yves is not only a friend with a good heart, he's also one of the best massage practitioners i know.

Deeply touched, completely relaxed after our session, I will roll soon in my bed, dive into sleep, swim in my dreams. ☺ Thanks.

I am so glad that you are with us on this ride called life. Your spirit soars in creative fire and peacefully rests in the earthiest of grounds near roots that will forever hold your dreams.

You swing, you sparkle! Fire with a style... I like your voice, simple, genuine, soft, joyful, versatile!

Hi..... Yv. I still learn guitar but still same 3 song from you. That why every I play guitar I remember you.

I just wish Yves continues teaching the way he is doing and that many people will be “open-minded” and mindful enough to take part of it! Due to Yves’ professional experience, as well as his experience and good taste of life, the quality of this workshop was just fabulous!

And a big thank you for the beautiful quality of your teaching and presence. Nothing like a teacher who embodies what he teaches ... ;-)!

Thank you, Yves. Good vibes still inside of me. What a great opening Metta can give... so that I can let go of my fears and move forward with confidence.

I wanted to thank you for the quality of care, humanism, professionalism, just for you, simply... yet how precious!!

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